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Korean companies have expressed interest in investing in infrastructure projects in Bulgaria, as well as in the production of electric vehicles and in cheese processing, according to Bulgaria’s Economy Ministry.

Bulgaria’s Deputy Economy Minister Daniela Vezieva met with South Korea’s Deputy Minister for Multilateral and Global Affairs Lee Tae-ho in Sofia on Wednesday and the two exchanged views on bilateral cooperation prospects. The meeting was part of the inaugural session of the Bulgarian-Korean Intergovernmental Commission on Economic Cooperation, according to the press office of Bulgaria’s Economy Ministry. Lee Tae-ho pointed out that the Korean companies interested in infrastructure projects in Bulgaria had rich experience in the sphere and were successfully implementing projects of this type all over the world He presented two companies interested in investing in Bulgaria specifically, adding that they were already conducting feasibility studies for the production of electric vehicles and for cheese processing. Vezieva cited hi-tech and innovations, electrical engineering and the production of car parts as promising spheres of bilateral cooperation.